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Any sport for the dogs ?

Canine sports consist in requiring to teach the dogs how to jump ever obstacles.Training and refinement take place within a canine club playing Agility. The minimum age required to compete is 18 months.These sports remain a game first of all. The dogs learn how to jump over the agility obstacles with their masters, they learn how to put in chains several leaps to succeed in making a course which, in competition, can jump over 21 obstacles there.

Training is more difficult for the master who must learn how to be well situated in the space to help his dog to jump over the obstacles.There are three categories : The dogs which jump over A obstacles measuring less than 37 cm, those that jump B obstacles measuring between 38 and 45 cm; this category includes the big dogs D category; then, those that jump over C obstacles being more than 46 cm.

Every competition offers 4 courses for every dog : The Open, The first or second or third degree (according to level), the Grand Prix of France, and the jumping. To the 3 first, the dog must, with participation and good behaviour of its master, carry out a course in the order of the numbered obstacles put down by a judge of agility in given time, and when obstacles named footbridge, swing and roof are featured by having a colored area at the beginning and at the end of the obstacle where it is asked for having at least two legs of the dog that must compulsarily touch these areas.

The last course named "jumping" at the end of day included no more obstacles to zones, it is made to relax masters and dogs.

When a dog achieved 3 competitions to the first degree without error with at least 2 different judges, it passes to the second degree.The accession to the third degree requires competition at least for 3 podium in year second degree, consistibng in 3 courses second degree without error, with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place of the podium.

Competitions take place on Sundays and the season sometimes starts inside in January and February and outside in March till the end of October.

This is a sport where masters and dogs have to enjoy and where their participation intensifies by working and practicing.

Sorbonne, Twain, Riyanne, Shadow , Vahika and Basia have their international certificate of Agility.

VIDEOS 2010/ 2009

     Sorbonne jumping du 28/03/2010 à Mâcon

     Nice jumping run Vigo and Olga in january 2010

      Nice Jumping run Cudna and Magda  

      Blues 1ère à la finale du GPF à Cibeins agility1

      Blues 1ère à la finale du GPF à Cibeins jump1

      Blues 1ère à la finale du GPF to Cibeins agility2

      Blues 1ère à la finale du GPF to Cibeins jump2

Sorbonne 4ème au Sélectif du GPF le 8/05/09 to Joigny

Cudna à Magda to Pologne concours may 2009 : beautifuls areas

Cudna à Magda to Pologne concours the 3/05/09 : Cudna runs fast


Sorbonne and Basia (his daugther) Cesancey the 6.06.2010

Athos is Vice Champion of Alsace 2010 : congratulations to this team

Adagio (Father of Ella) champion of Limousin in France in 2010 : congratulation to this team


Basia had her certificate of Agility the 4/04/2010 to Barges (21)


Athos  : Trophée SCC to Montélimar le 1er et 2 août 2009 : Athos wonders why Lucien is on the ground ? !!!

Blues won the GPF 2009 to Cibeins with Hervé et took the 2nd place with Solène in catégorie poussin

congratulations to Blues, Hervé and Solène. They are very proud of their dog.


Abysse won the 2nd place of GPF 2009 to Cibeins with Laetitia in catégorie Junior

Congratulations to this team



Congratulations to Corail and Nadège : They had their certificate the 28/03/2010 to Mâcon (71)


first competition for Corail and Nadège the 14 juin 2009 and they had 2 first places to l'Open and to 1er degré

A good team begins : congratulations


Athos (competition the 31.05.09)


Athos, Taïmir, Ronflo, Ujyps : 1ère place au Trophée de L'est à Vittel le 24/05/2009 : The team is proud and happy

It leaves for finale to Montélimar in Ausgust

Happy New : Athos, son of Sorbonne and Riyanne is Champion of ALSACE

Sorbonne in competition to Villefranche the12 avril 2009

For Riyanne  the agility is cool


Miss Twain  is always with nice hair


Sorbonne takes its flight for the jumps. No doubt to bring down a bar !!!



Shadow also raises well legs!!!




Vigo to Olga in Poland. Olga was to the world championship in october 2006 to Bâle  with  Sunday her cocker.

Vigo works well and wants that Olga is proud of him and see the marvellous videos






And the results are here!


VEINARDE with Christophe (The areas are difficult to make for a Pyrenean)

Pour les sauts, on peut y aller à fond, alors Veinarde s'éclate

ATHOS en plein entrainement. La neige et l'hiver ne l'arrêteront pas, il débute ses premiers concours en avril 2007 à l'âge 22 mois



3 concours, 3 coupes : Bravo ATHOS !!!!!  


ATHOS a eu son brevet d'agility le 15/07/07, et son maître est fier de lui


5 ème concours pour Athos et déjà on y croit : 3 coupes sur 4 parcours (pas mal!)

Ceci dit, parfois il y a du dégât !!!!


Challenge 2008 à Ingwiller pour Athos



Congratulations for the good work with this team (Lucien et Athos) which it proud


Championnat of France and cup of France 2007 of young drivers in Agility :  Abysse is 3ème with her young driver Laetitia

FINALE GPF 2008 le 5 et 6/07/08, Laetitia et Abysse sur le podium en 1ère place en poussin "B". Félicitations !!!!

Laetitia et Abysse continuent de cumuler les podiums : 1ère place en poussin "B" à la Garrette


CHAMPIONNAT of FRANCE 2008 : Laetitia and Abysse are 2ème


COOPER né début mars 2007, en accord avec son maître s'initie doucement mais sûrement à L'agility, et ça a l'air de bien lui plaire


COOPER a débuté les concours fin mars 2009


Blues née en Octobre 2006 vient de débuter ses concours d'agility, elle a déjà du succés

Cudna (7 mois) à Magda en Pologne, Vigo va avoir de la concurrence ! Voir ses vidéos

Corail à Nadège, je suis prête à montrer ce que je sais faire, 1ers concours prévus en juin 2009